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Rea & Associates, a leading CPA and financial services firm with locations in Zanesville and throughout the state of Ohio, has announced their ability to provide expertise related to the oil & gas industry. The firm, which also provides business consulting services, offers industry-specific advice and knowledge across a variety of different industries relevant to Ohio.

Rea & Associates believes that the oil & gas industry is of increasing importance to many areas in Ohio, especially for landowners in the Marcellus and Utica Shale areas. Often times, landowners and residents in these areas will agree to or consider agreeing to several types of contracts with the oil & gas industry. Among the agreements that Ohio residents may sign include oil & gas leases, surface use agreements or another type of contract that shifts control over your land’s mineral rights to an outside company. Rea & Associates, in describing their work dealing with the oil & gas industry, notes their experience in helping landowners deal with these contracts and the stress they can bring.

The Zanesville CPA Firm stresses in its oil & gas industry-specific information that more and more people in Ohio are being approached by large energy companies seeking to extract various types of contractual commitments from landowners. Rea & Associates is able to provide consulting at any point in these contractual processes. Whether a landowner has already entered into an agreement or not or even whether there are any apparent concerns or not, Rea is able to provide assistance.

There are many specific things landowners need to be aware of when entering these agreements, notes the information that is available on Rea’s website. “From managing your responsibilities with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), to protecting your assets, to transferring your wealth to the next generation and ensuring you are properly compensated by the oil & gas companies, our team of oil & gas industry professionals…have a proven track record of delivering results for landowners in Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania,” the CPA firm states. They further stress the importance of finding a solution that is unique to an individual’s land and circumstances. Further details can be found at

The Zanesville office of Rea & Associates is a member of the firm’s Southeast Ohio region. They offer a diverse set of accounting, audit and tax services to individuals as well as business clients. For more information on their industry-specific expertise, or for descriptions of the specific financial services they offer to their clients, the company may be contacted using the information provided below.

Company: Rea & Associates CPA Firm
Address: 905 Zane Street, 2nd Floor, Zanesville, OH 43701
Phone: 740-452-2900
Fax: 740-454-3292
Email: [email protected]

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