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Leading Zanesville accounting firm Rea & Associates, a firm with many locations throughout Ohio, has provided information detailing the personal tax services it offers. The CPA and consulting firm offers a variety of different financial services for clients in a variety of industries and situations, including personal tax services to business owners and high net worth individuals.

The description of Rea’s personal tax services begins by acknowledging the complexity that business owners and individuals often face when it comes to their personal financial and tax situation. The goal of the solutions to these complex problems, according to Rea & Associates Zanesville CPA firm, is to reduce an individual’s tax burden and protect the wealth they have accumulated. Rea advises that individuals adopt the same mentality with their personal financial and tax situation as they do with the finances of their businesses and career: essentially, this means it is advisable to aggressively apply all available tactics and work with professionals when it is beneficial.

Rea further explains its ability to assist with all aspects, and at each stage, of the personal tax process.

“Your Rea team has the knowledge and depth to develop, implement and execute a comprehensive personalized tax plan to help you meet all of your tax and financial goals,” the firm states on its website to prospective clients. The public accounting firm also expresses its ability to provide individual clients additional services on top of traditional tax compliance service: “Beyond tax compliance, you’ll receive value-added specialized tax advisory and planning services.”

Specific personal tax services Rea & Associates is able to offer are listed to include tax preparation & planning, estate & gift planning strategies, trust design, business succession planning and wealth transfer & protection strategies. Each of these aforementioned strategies is explained in detail on a distinct page of the website for Rea & Associates.

Rea maintains an entire team devoted to their individual tax services, with contact information and details about this team available at

Top 100 CPA firm Rea & Associates has met the accounting and financial needs of the state of Ohio since its founding in 1938. The firm attributes its success to a series of values related to high standards of skill and professionalism, values that have been codified in a mission statement known as The Rea Way. The firm provides a significant amount of relevant financial advice to the general public through their website in a variety of different ways. The company records and publishes a podcast to its website under the moniker of its Rea Radio network and also maintains a searchable database of online articles that deal with specific accounting and financial topics.

For more information about Rea & Associates, or on the specific specialties and services of its Zanesville office, the firm may be contacted using the information provided below.

Company: Rea & Associates CPA Firm
Phone: 740-452-2900
Fax: 740-454-3292
Address: 905 Zane Street, 2nd Floor, Zanesville, OH 43701
Email: [email protected]

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