Kevin Hobbs, CEO of The Vanbex Group shared his business profile on Linkedin. “A dynamic, outgoing individual with the skill and experience to get to the meat of the issue and provide solid strategies and problem solving methods to achieve and supersede sales, business development and overall organizational company goals. A proven ability to build sales pipelines, establish new business and satisfy customers and partners with outstanding service. Proficient in building departments at dynamic high-growth startups and fulfilling sales targets within small, entrepreneurial companies as well as large established organizations. A strategic thinker with a proactive, creative and collaborative approach. A true leader and team player with B2B and B2C experience.” — this is what Kevin Hobbs wrote about himself on his profile.

Also on the profile is shown all the professional experience of Hobbs. He started as a Day Trader in Swift Trade company, in period of June 2005 to June 2008 and was engaged in stock trading. After that he became Vice President of Sales and Marketing in and held this position between January 2010 and January 2011. In this position he developed a software and delivered solutions for Daily Deal industry. From November 2014 and until June 2015, Hobbs was working as a Business Development Associate in FIRMA Foreign Exchange. His main tasks included the developing of new business relationships and providing services for all corporate foreign currency needs. In period of February 2015 and June 2015, Hobbs held another position in the same company FIRMA Foreign Exchange, being a Corporate Trader. He was responsible for developing and maintaining relationships with small to large organizations, responsible for the sale of foreign currency to clients, act as a liaison for the clients and offer top notch relationship management to ensure all foreign exchange needs are addressed. At the same time, from December 2010 and until October 2015, Kevin Hobbs was overseeing the operations of the Rig in the company Ensign Energy Services.

The last position of Kevin Hobbs is Chief Executive Officer, which is the highest-ranking executive in The Vanbex Group. The Vanbex Group specializes in consulting, communications and development for blockchain businesses. Their services include: Consulting and Strategy, Marketing and Communications, Blockchain and Smart Contract Technology and ICO Fundraising and Investment Marketing. Hobbs’s responsibility as a CEO are both internal and external, ranging from client and project management (business development, framing of key approaches, high-quality client delivery, written products) to administration (information technology, reporting, facilities), and human capital (HR/recruiting, mentoring, career progression).

Company: Vanbex Ventures
Contact Name: Lisa Cheng
Address: 789 West 50th ave, Vancouver, BC, V6P 1A4, Canada
Phone: 604-379-9032
Email: [email protected]

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