LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas, August 24, 2017: Several factors determine the success (or failure) of a realtor. As the old saying goes, “The only source of knowledge is experience”, and this holds true in the real estate industry. Budding realtors will rejoice in the knowledge that ace real estate professional and coach, Phil Herman, has recently launched his new book, “The Phil Herman Method: Continuous and Never Ending Improvement”. The book stems from his experience and expertise, and his journey to becoming the #1 real estate maverick in Dayton, Ohio.

Through his book, Herman aims to give back to the realtor community. According to him, this book is relevant for all realtors around the world, regardless of whether they operate out of the US or in Europe. The focus, as he states, is on Continuous and Never Ending Improvement. Herman believes that far too many realtors are fending for themselves, without anyone to support or guide them along the way. More significantly, they have no one to hold them accountable. This is where Herman talks about the importance of coaching.

Herman’s perspective is unique in the sense that he has taken each step he asks realtors to take. His career spans over three decades, during which time he has completed over 7,000 real estate transactions. At the same time, he states that he has seen an equal number of failures. His mission is to help realtors overcome the obstacles he faced on his journey and this book is a major step in that direction. Real estate professionals will surely love to read what Herman says, because there is no doubt about his experience, expertise, and mastery of the real estate market.

Phil Herman is a bona fide authority on everything to do with real estate. He subscribes to the CANI (Constant and Never Ending Improvement) philosophy, which forms the basis of the title of his new book and Kaizen. His extensive experience and astounding success give him an unparalleled insight into the real estate business. He also provides real estate coaching via his website,

Phil Herman is available for interviews. Also available for “speaking engagements” and a “shadow program” to spend a day with Phil to watch him in action.

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