Encino, CA; 24, March 2017: The history of acupuncture-an alternative form of treatment where needles are pierced inside the body-can be traced back to China where it is alleged to have developed around 100BC. Though the acupuncture method of treatment can be exploited for dealing with a variety of ailments and disorders, it is most extensively used for pain management. A great majority of the present-day practitioners of acupuncture are of the opinion that inserting needles (specially made for this type of treatment) influences the CNS stimulating the system to release endorphins. Endorphins are peptic hormones released inside the brain causing an analgesic effect that help one get relief from pains. Dr. Neda is an Acupuncture Encino practitioner who has been helping patients deal with musculoskeletal problems including knee pain, lumbago, and shoulder stiffness.

Dr. Neda, a well-known Acupuncture Encino specialist established the Health Clinic of Southern CA in 1999 after earning a graduate degree with a high GPA score from the Southern CA University of Health Sciences. She also went on to earn a string of certifications in massage therapy, chiropractic, cosmetic acupuncture, sciatic pain, and so on. She has authored books titled ‘Daily Affirmation to go’ and ‘Natural Facelift with Acupuncture’ and two more book releases are in the cards. She has confessed that healing pains is her passion and puts her heart into acupuncture therapy. She’s willing to globetrot for relieving people of their bodily aches and pains.

The Health Clinic of Southern CA operated by Acupuncture Encino professional, Dr. Neda provides a variety of services related to the aforementioned kind of alternative medicinal treatment. These services comprise Cosmetic Acupuncture Facelift, Digital/Computerized Body Scan, Body/Ear Needling, Cupping, Ear Seeds, and Herbal formulation treatment. Acupuncture works best when the method is used in conjunction with other treatments modes. For instance, the herbal formulation therapy makes the most of medicinal herbs like thyme, basil, and ginseng alongside perforating needles on the epidermis. The cosmetic acupuncture facelift treatment process helps in evening out age spots, eradicating fine lines on the forehead, reduce double chin, black spots under eyes, and diminish sunspots.

Acupuncture Encino Health Clinic Southern CA provides a thorough digital scan of the body to spot and pinpoint the disproportions or inequities in the energetic pathways. It is only after a patient-specific diagnosis that Dr. Neda and her team of assistants decides upon the most appropriate kind of therapy that’ll work for a typical patient. In acupuncture, needles are aspirated in specific sections of the body so as to change the course of flow of energy into healthier pathways. This technique is extremely effective in treating and healing psychosomatic conditions like shoulder pain or backache, infertility, insomnia, asthma, headache, sciatica and so on. Cupping treatment procedure where a suction cup is pressed onto a specific area of the body helps in getting rid of toxins.

About Health clinic of southern California:

Dr. Neda Mehrabani is an experienced acupuncturist who runs the Health Clinic of Southern California in Encino where a variety of treatment procedures are offered for managing pain.

For Media Contact:
Person Name: Dr. Neda
Company: Health clinic of southern California
Phone: (818) 210-4144
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.doctorneda.com/acupuncture-encino-treatments/

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