In just the last decade or so, Singapore has become a real hot that for the startup culture. The government providing a considerable amount of investment into startups created by Singapore citizens as well as those from other places around the world looking to build a business — and grow a business — in Singapore.

While the country in Southeast Asia may not be Silicon Valley just yet, the truth of the matter is many believe they will soon rival Silicon Valley as far as attractiveness for startups (especially in the technology sector) is concerned.

If you are thinking about launching your startup in Singapore, you’ll want to make sure that you pay close attention to all of the inside information we are able to share with you below. There are plenty of reasons to launch your business in Singapore, and the ones below represent some of the biggest advantages you are going to be able to leverage moving forward.

Capital is really easy to access

There has been a considerable flow of investment and capital into Singapore over the last 20 years or go come in today the culture of the angel investing, venture capital, and private equity is as rich as it’s ever been in Singapore — and it’s only continuing to grow more and more every single day.

In 2011 alone, $26.5 billion worth of assets were under management in Singapore. The number has certainly grown in the last six years, and capital is as easy to get a hold of today in Singapore as it’s ever been.

As a startup launcher, capital is the lifeblood of any operation — especially in the early stages of a startup. Getting access to effortless capital (and plenty of it) in Singapore makes this a huge advantage.

It’s really easy to do business here

Ranked number one by the World Bank as far as ease of business is concerned (making it the easiest country in the world to conduct business), the stable and business friendly government of Singapore really adds a lot of stability to the startup culture that just doesn’t exist in many other locations across the globe.

On top of that, Singapore is still a relatively small country. This makes conducting business with the government really simple and straightforward, with the overwhelming majority of transactions that need to be taken care of with the government being handled within just a few hours — and many of them can be successfully navigated online.

Combine that with ridiculously low levels of bribery and corruption (levels that are almost nonexistent), standing in stark contrast to the kinds of cultures in other Asian nations where both of these issues are rampant, and you’re talking about a perfect storm of conditions that makes doing business in Singapore really easy and really attractive.

Obviously, there are a number of other reasons that people choose to conduct business in Singapore — low taxes, amazing intellectual property protection, world-class infrastructure, a talented and educated workforce, and it’s a great place to live to boot — but these represent some of the very best reasons to launch your startup here.

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