Wood and its products comes into our lives not only by growing all around us, but by providing us with shelter and by offering us comfort. We provide you both engineered and solid wood variety to change your interior and create your space classy and elegant. We even have wood with different textures like Refined, Character, Antique, Weathered and a wide range of colours to choose from.

Bespoke hardwood flooring is a concept not a collection. It will be your concept in which you can design your floor in a unique way with a different geometric pattern every time. All our boards are designed in such a way that it depicts best style, grade, width and depth of board to suit your tastes and your space. Bespoke hardwood flooring has knots and imperfections but only in light, natural looking colours. These bespoke boards have good colour contrast and filled with small splits and cracks.

Bespoke geometric panels are fine custom wood flooring and focused on maintaining the highest standards of the custom made tradition. The word bespoke itself is derived from the verb bespeak, meaning to "speak for something," or to “be spoken for.” Bespoke geometric panels are crafted individually, and so differs from ready to fit wood, which is factory made in finished condition of standardized sizes, and from made to measure, produced to order from a pre cut pattern.

Bespoke geometric wood flooring will look exquisitely colourful and this concept for flooring will completely changes and enhances a room. Featuring colours from all across the variety, this is an eye-catching geometric design that will have your interior look more bold and full of character.

Reclaimed flooring is passionate about bringing high design conceptualization to flooring with creations like our bespoke geometric panel flooring, to ensure that you can achieve a space of unique interior design.

It is a misconception that bespoke geometric wood panel is more expensive than the alternatives. With the technological advancements in manufacturing and the progressions made in the production of materials, today's bespoke pricing closely compares to upper moderate and high end wood.

Our approach is to provide good quality product and experience of nature in their home. We got wide range of different types of woods with different colours and textures. Our design and product will even give your home a trendy and elegant look.

You can check out our collection and for further information and queries about any wood flooring visit us at https://www.reclaimedflooringco.com

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