Red Stag Fulfillment is honored to announce that for the second year in a row, has awarded RSF 2017 Best E-Commerce Fulfillment Service for Heavy & Valuable Goods!

"We're particularly proud of this award because it highlights our commitment to serve online sellers with an average parcel weight above 5 pounds," explained Red Stag's President Eric McCollom. "This is the niche where Red Stag is dedicated to being the world-class solution for our clients."

The rise in the number of online sellers, whether through a unique e-commerce store or as a vendor on marketplaces such as Amazon, Ebay, or Etsy, has driven the need for tailed fulfillment solutions. There's no doubt that Amazon Prime has created an environment in which customers expect orders to be correct, free of damage, and delivered to their doorstep in two days or less, 100 percent of the time, with no exception. Today, thanks to social media, customers also have the ability to influence millions of other potential consumers with a simple tweet or Facebook post. This is an environment that was simply unimaginable 10 years ago, and it makes having a seamless and unwavering fulfillment process all the more critical.

For young business able to grow their online sales past the point of their self-fulfillment capabilities, or even for established businesses that developed before the age of the Internet, giving away inventory management control to an e-commerce fulfillment company can be an especially terrifying prospect, and rightfully so. Yet finding a fulfillment service that's focused on handling products in your particular niche is one, often overlooked tactic, to help ensure success handling your online orders.

Fulfillment Services Should Focus on Niche Clients?

Oftentimes, e-commerce fulfillment providers focus on certain types of products or physical characteristics of products in order to capitalize on synergies — becoming specialists in their respective niche. Tremendous value can be derived through specialization in a couple of key ways. First, through product specialization on a much narrower niche of product types, the fulfillment company becomes a far superior resource to your e-commerce company since they are knowledgeable of all facets of the narrower niche — from product packaging to specific shipping dynamics. In this capacity, they can offer far greater advice and act as a much more impactful partner in your logistics set up and management.

Second, through specialization also comes the all-important benefit of reduced costs. Because product focus is more fixed on a specific set of product characteristics, systems, warehouse layout, staff training, freight carrier shipping discounts, and other factors help the fulfillment company to operate at a lower overall cost than more traditional non-specialist fulfillment companies. This translates into lower fee structures offered to customers.

DIM Weight Impact on Shipping

The consistent changes and recalibration of dimensional weight (DIM Weight) adds further pricing pressure for online sellers of large, bulky products. This has a negative impact on costs, increasing the shipping costs for packages that would not have hit higher dimensional weights before the changes. Because of Red Stag's focus on larger size and weight products, we're in a unique position to effectively assist companies and help minimize the overall cost impact of these new changes. Through planning as well as capitalizing on our negotiated rate structure, Red Stag can help you craft a plan that is best suited for your business.

As you can see, the specific physical characteristics of your product play an important role e-commerce fulfillment provider you end up choosing to run your logistics. By paying close attention to any potential company’s specialization in this area, you will benefit greatly in the end through enhanced service levels and lower overall costs.

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