25, July 2017: There are many benefits of cycling and Airwheel R6 smart electric bike will let you experience the revolution of cycling and fill you with the young spirit.

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Time and tide wait for no man. The relentless march of time eventually will claim us all. We should seize time to enjoy life and enjoy every journey on the road. Airwheel R6 will let you rediscover the charm of cycling, bring you the joy of technology and make you feel young again. R6 supports three ride modes and each mode will bring you a different riding experience. Firstly, powered by the branded Li-ion battery, R6 can offer sufficient energy for your journey on the road.If cutting out the electric assist, you can attain the speed and exercise by pedaling. Airwheel R6 lightweight trekking bike is opening up new frontier in cycling for groups of commuters and enthusiasts much larger than just the young generation. In the moped mode, you can combined the former two modes to enjoy the speed and passion with different gears available.

Protected by eight circuit protections, the battery in R6 smart electric assist bicycle is more efficient and safer. With the powerful hub motor and hi-tech electric power drive and braking system, R6 makes the riding more stable and efficient. Plus, riders can have extra power supply on the road for the mobile devices thanks to USB port on the removable battery. With another important attributes, users can detect R6 smart electric bike’s condition through the App on the mobile phone.

Fault self-diagnosis, speeding setting and real-time positioning can be monitored via its mobile App. More personal settings are provided to make riding more intelligent and safer. The right electric bike provides not only a very natural and enjoyable feeling to its rider.


Besides, R6 introduces the new folding system that allow riders to stretch or contract, super convenient for riders. With the rapid development of modern urbanization, people’s life in modern city are getting busier and busier. Airwheel R6 electric folding bike can give riders as many chances as they need to feel on the road. If you get mentally or emotionally fatigued, you can try a ride with R6.

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