Dr. Berookim has recently emphasized the importance of receiving a colonoscopy screening to reduce the risk of colon cancer. A colonoscopy Los Angeles examination may lower a patient’s risk for colon cancer by 65% in comparison to those who do not participate in screenings. Dr. Berookim is committed to cancer prevention and his colonoscopy Los Angeles procedures are assisting in early detection.

Dr. PetyonBerookim, colonoscopy Los Angeles doctor, has years of experience in colon cancer and is well trusted in the industry. He keeps a high standard of care for his patients and his technology is modern for precise results. Past patients highly recommend Dr. Berookim for colonoscopy Los Angeles procedures thanks to his professionalism and dedication to wellbeing.

Colonoscopy Los Angeles provides examinations performed by Dr. Berookim, a board-certified gastroenterologist. Thanks to his years of experience and vast education in colonoscopy Los Angeles, Dr. Berookim is able to efficiently identify more polyps to best detect any early signs of colon cancer.

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Colonoscopy Los Angeles patients who use Dr. Berookim are given the upmost care and health treatments. By visiting the colonoscopy Los Angeles medical office for an exam, patients are taking a positive step towards cancer prevention and their general health. Visit Dr. Berookim for more colonoscopy Los Angeles information at 150 N Robertson Boulevard, Suite 204, Beverly Hills, CA 90211 or his website at

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