Refanala Health has become the one stop holistic health store, providing different kinds of health products and solutions designed for healthy living. Refanala Health offers a wide range of health solutions using the concept of highly vibrational medicine and other such integrated living solutions.

The increase in the incidence of different ailments has been a source of concern for many persons not only in the health sector, but across all industries. The health sector has been particularly affected with the development as experts in the sector struggle to proffer solutions to the ailments that have constantly failed to heed to popular orthodox treatments.

Refanala Health’s goal of encouraging healthy living using holistic medicine is backed with the provision of affordable yet effective frequency healing and detoxifying herbs and health solutions. The products range from My Mat frequency healing device to the relatively large Plasma Generator. With MyMat one can reset their body’s frequencies back to their optimal energetic levels and let the body heal itself.

The products are designed for home and office use, with relatively large tools for commercial use. maintains an online health store that provides users with solutions that include gadgets and medicines that help to detoxify the body.

Refanala Health aims at redefining healthy living, with experts from the health and IT industry coming together to develop products that are easy to use, portable and affordable for anyone. The unique concept introduced by Refanala Health has been described as a revolution in the health industry bringing together the best of technology and health.

In addition to providing affordable yet effective health solutions to persons across the globe, Refanala Health through its user-friendly online health store also ensures that users do not have to spend a fortune to live happily and being healthy while getting closer to their higher self.

About Refanala Health

Refanala Health is a New York based international health store, focused on helping people across the globe live a healthy life bringing together the best of health and technology industries. Refanala Health aims to provide high vibrational solutions to everyone regardless of their location.

With portable, affordable and effective health solutions that include gadgets and supplements, Refanala hopes to create the perfect balance needed to live a healthy and happy life in a fast-paced and complex environment. The concept of highly vibrational integrated living is the aim of Refanala Health, and it hopes to take the concept across borders and nations. For more please visit

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