Mobile, AL (November 14, 2012) IRS identity theft fraud has been described as the number one problem for the IRS for the past several years and it has affected hundreds of thousands of taxpayers that have had to deal with numerous red tape and paperwork to get their rightful refund. Although the IRS has taken considerable measures to combat this issue it does not seem that there is any end in sight. 

The Federal Trade Commission reported that identity theft was the number one complaint in Calendar Year 2011, and government documents/benefits fraud was the most common form of reported identity theft.  As of December,31,2011, the IRS’s Incident Tracking Statistics Report showed that 641,052 taxpayers have been affected by identity theft in Calendar Year  

Based on this continual problem and the desire to help the victims of IRS identity theft, the Refund Safe product was created. 

Refund Safe is a low cost protection plan to ensure that if a tax client is a victim of IRS fraud, the tax client will rightfully receive their refund and the tax preparer will be rightfully be paid for their services.

Refund Safe is available to all taxpayers through the company website or through the numerous tax offices that will be offering this much needed product in the 2013 tax season. The product promises to handle everything with the IRS from start to finish if a taxpayer becomes a victim of tax identity theft. Although there are many services that help identity theft victims for credit cards, bank information, etc, there has never been a identity theft service that covers tax related identity theft until now. 

Tax offices can sign up for free to provide this one of a kind tax service to their clients at the company website. All participating tax offices will receive free marketing kits for their offices and their clientele as well as the right to utilize the Refund Safe Authorized Provider seal on any other marketing material they may have.

For more information on the Refund Safe product or regarding offering IRS tax fraud insurance protection to your clients please visit the company website: