In the new bestseller, Taking Control: Cracking the Code to Happiness (CÓMO TOMAR EL CONTROL: Descifrando el Código de la Felicidad), David Blake Chatfield aids readers in discovering how to maximize their chances to get what they want in today’s chaotic world. Taking Control combines over 35 years of research and experience. The result is a user-friendly guide to living a fulfilled life in every area now available in both English and Spanish.

In a world where many feel out of control, depressed, stuck, disillusioned, defeated, rejected, dejected, afraid, and confused, this book helps readers take back control of their lives and give them the key to crack the code to happiness.

David Chatfield has been quoted by the press: “You can get what you want, be the person you want to be, and most of all, you can be happy. The lessons in this book are time-proven, reliable, easy and fun. Readers will learn to live with integrity and gain the trust and confidence of their friends and family. Readers will discover how to form and maintain healthy relationships. Readers will learn how to get what they want out of life, lose all types of fear and how to take disappointments and turn them into opportunities. In the final quest for happiness, readers will learn how to forgive and forget. There’s also some practical information about how to take control of your finances and your health.”

“…This is a must-read to take back control of your life.” ~ Debbi Dachinger, Award-Winning, Syndicated “Dare to Dream” Radio/TV, Success and Media Expert, Best-Selling Author

Decades and hundreds of deals ago, David Blake Chatfield began his career as an attorney and manager, representing global companies, music artists and producers, motion picture and television writers, producers, actors, and editors. During his career he has twice served as the president of his local bar association, been elected to public office where he served two terms as a councilman, and has been a senior executive in both public and privately held companies, including a nationally distributed record company and a music and video production and publishing company. He currently has his own law practice where he serves as General Counsel in several diverse companies, is the managing partner of The United Music Group, a partner in C & A Management, and owns Chatfield Entertainment. Over the past few years, he has been on international panels and roundtables as far away as Liverpool’s Sound City Music Conference and Festival (two of his bands from the UK also played there) and as close as North Hollywood's IES Music Summit (where two of his LA based bands played), as well as two years of guest lecturing to music business classes at Universities. Chatfield also currently serves on the boards of two charities. He is a recent graduate of the YouTube Space Build Your Channel workshops.

Chatfield is an active member in the Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences and the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, the Association of Independent Music Publishers, the National Association of Recording Industry Professionals, the Guild of Music Supervisors, and the California Copyright Conference.

Taking Control: Cracking the Code to Happiness (CÓMO TOMAR EL CONTROL: Descifrando el Código de la Felicidad) is available on

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