Buying new isn’t always the best choice when it comes to commercial, church or school signs. Florida Sign Company works with customers to find an option that fits their needs.

It’s true that signs are closely tied to business success. A FedEx survey found that about 60 percent of businesses reported changing the design or improving the look of their signage had a positive impact on sales. More than 50 percent of consumers surveyed said a poor quality sign deters them from entering a business.

Having a severely faded or damaged sign isn’t going to portray the image that you want customers to get about your business. Worst case scenario it could convince customers to go elsewhere.

That doesn’t mean a business should replace the sign. Replacing signage often requires meeting the municipality’s updated sign code ordinances. Sometimes that means a smaller sign, and not many businesses would be keen to replacing a sign with a smaller sign.

There are also other issues. Using the existing footer for a new sign may require locating the engineering of the footer to prove to the municipality that the footer is acceptable and can withstand current wind load requirements. Imagine trying to find engineering for a sign from 20 or more years ago.

Digging up the footer for a sign can be expensive and time consuming, especially when it comes to jack hammering out concrete. Businesses have to deal with those costs on top of the cost of paying for a new sign.

Florida Sign Company gives customers the option of replacing a sign or rehabilitating it. The company recently worked with a shopping plaza to replace a sign that’s about 20 years old.

Workers painted the existing cabinets that hold the tenants’ names and replaced the faces with current tenant names. They cut the existing pole cover to fit the cabinet at the top of the sign and installed a flex face ID panel at the top of the sign.

The sign company also painted the sign and added stone masonry to its base. The work saved the plaza time and hassle.

Family-owned and operated Florida Sign Company serves businesses, churches and schools throughout Florida. The company has more than 60 years of experience in the Florida sign business. Its expert teams handle anything from creating a sign to making sure signage projects receive the proper permits.

Everything is done in one state-of-the-art facility, saving customers stress, time and money. Florida Sign Company’s main goal remains customer satisfaction, dedication shown from the top down as company owners Bob Dring and Charles Ogle are personally involved in each sign project.

For more information on Florida Sign Company, visit its website at or call 941-747-1000.

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