Lawrence Huang, president of HXH Industries, announced that the firm’s REVIVER customers never need to worry about running out of their favorite hangover cure. REVIVER has been accepted into the Subscribe and Save program at that also offers savings for customers.

“We applied for the Subscribe and Save program when some of our customers requested us to join the program because they would run out of our product and forget to re-order in time,” said Huang. “The Subscribe and Save program allows us to make sure that our customers never run out and it gives them a discount up to 15 percent for being a frequent user.”

Subscribing to the program is easy and consumers can customize the frequency with which they want their products to be delivered. Shipping is always free and there’s no minimum commitment that must be met.

The program ensures regular and reliable deliveries of REVIVER and customers can cancel or skip a delivery at any time. The skip feature is particularly convenient for individuals if they go on vacation and for frequent travelers. Customers always receive an email reminder in advance of every delivery that shows the item price and any applicable discounts in the event that they wish to make any changes.

REVIVER is a hangover cure that replaces electrolytes that are depleted after strenuous or intense physical exertion and after consuming alcoholic beverages. The unique formula is specially designed to help prevent the symptoms of dehydration and restore the body’s balance of electrolytes that are disrupted through excessive liquid loss.

More effective than electrolyte and energy drinks, the REVIVER hangover pill uses a naturally green, vegan, chlorophyll capsule with all natural ingredients. Free of GMO ingredients or unreliable herbal remedies, it contains no gluten, soy or dairy. REVIVER is made in the U.S. in a GMP-certified and FDA-regulated facility for safety and efficacy.

The acceptance of REVIVER into the Amazon Subscribe and Save program provides customers around the globe with an easy and reliable means of ensuring they’re never without the firm’s innovative electrolyte replacement supplement and hangover cure. The program also offers monetary benefits, with savings of 15 percent.

REVIVER is currently available exclusively on . For more information about Reviver, please visit . For media inquiries, please contact Lawrence H. Huang at (732) 595-8785, or email at [email protected]

About HXH Industries, LLC

HXH Industries is a company focused on the development of supplements and products that drive a holistic but constant improvement towards the perfection of the human state — physically, mentally, and existentially. The company’s flagship brand REVIVER Electrolyte Caps is of is a vitamin fortified electrolyte supplements to help reduce dehydration and electrolyte imbalance symptoms, without the use of harmful additives. It is a supplement designed especially for endurance athletes, casual exercisers, adventurous eaters, outdoor workers, and individuals who consume alcohol. For more information, please visit HXH Industries’ website

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