In the last few years, business organizations are becoming more aware of their environmental impact. Due to increasing awareness of many negative aspects of factory farming, businesses have taken steps to reduce the use of animal products as well. In doing this, organizations can better appeal to both the vegetarian and vegan communities, all while reducing their environmental impact and raising ethical standards.

In the health supplement industry, most capsules are manufactured using gelatin. Gelatin is derived from animal sources so these capsules are not preferred by vegetarians or vegans. In addition, gelatin capsules are often colored with artificial dyes, which make people trying to reduce dye consumption quite apprehensive.

In an attempt to reduce the use of animal products and minimize their environmental impact, HXH Industries is switching from gelatin capsules to chlorophyll ones. Their electrolyte supplement, REVIVER is now available in these naturally green colored capsules. According to the manufacturer of the capsules, the capsules are made from natural plant derived ingredients. The green color is natural in the plant-based chlorophyll used to make the capsules, so there are no dyes.

However, HXH Industries reports that the capsules are not entirely vegan right now. The reason is that the Vitamin D3 formula is not currently derived from plant based. The company is investing efforts to make the capsules 100% vegan in the near future.

REVIVER electrolyte supplement helps prevent dehydration, headaches, muscle cramps and fatigue. The capsules can be used to prevent these symptoms due to heat stress, sweating, exercise and alcohol consumption. The supplement is vitamin fortified and uses no harmful additives. The use of the chlorophyll capsules aims to make the supplement more consumer-friendly.

REVIVER is currently available exclusively on . For more information about Reviver, please visit . For media inquiries, please contact Lawrence H. Huang at (732) 595-8785, or email at [email protected]

About HXH Industries, LLC

HXH Industries is a company focused on the development of supplements and products that drive a holistic but constant improvement towards the perfection of the human state — physically, mentally, and existentially. The company’s flagship brand REVIVER Electrolyte Caps is of is a vitamin fortified electrolyte supplements to help reduce dehydration and electrolyte imbalance symptoms, without the use of harmful additives. It is a supplement designed especially for endurance athletes, casual exercisers, adventurous eaters, outdoor workers, and individuals who consume alcohol. For more information, please visit HXH Industries’ website

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