Rotten Plots is the most obscene and hilarious party card game that gives everyone a chance to be a fantasy filmmaker. Created by Dead Ends Entertainment, it is a party game for twisted people who are daredevils and come up with crazy ideas. With unlimited ideas, genres and cards, the game offers several great ways to come up with the craziest movie idea once can have. Moreover, it is a perfect group entertainment in parties, social gatherings and friends.

“This is a game for those who sit around and think of hilarious and ridiculous ideas for a movie.” Says Sam Kuban, Co-Founder of Dead Ends Entertainment, while talking about the game. “With The Rotten Plots card game, you and your friends can compete to see who can create the most entertaining and humorous movie plot.” He added. Players can also win awards and create top or bottom charts of the box office. Whoever wins the most awards will be declared the winner.

The Indiegogo Campaign is located on the web at: and it offers several pledges with rewards. Supporters can back this project from $5 to $5000 to claim rewards ranging from the print & play version of the game to the ‘Psycho Fanatic Power Pack’ for $5000 that offers the Card Game, personalized songs, a customized blog post, Social Shout-outs and much more as a reward.

About Rotten Plots

Rotten Plots is the most hilariously offensive fun card game that can be played at parties or social gathering among friends. The game enables its players to project the craziest ideas about making a film and win awards for that. Created by Dead Ends Entertainment, the game is now seeking community support on Indiegogo.

Contact Person: Sam Kuban
Company: Dead Ends Entertainment
Address: Evansville, Indiana, United States
Phone: (812) 618-8961
Email: [email protected]

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