RSpark, which has been providing handy and helpful digital solutions to users, has launched YouTube Preview extension, which can bring a smile to their faces.

YouTube, the video sharing platform is already one of the most popular mediums in the world. Even with new video sharing websites making their presence felt, YouTube is holding its own. The number of users who search for videos on the site is ever growing and it’s not surprising considering the sheer mass and variety of options on YouTube.

But there can be times when searching videos can be a tedious task. Clicking on the video to figure out if one wants to view or download it can be a hassle. RSpark, which has already launched digital solutions that takes into account users’ requirements, seems to have understood that and has unveiled this useful extension.

So now rather than having to go through the hassle of viewing the whole video to figure out if it is up to one’s tastes, people can Preview YouTube videos thumbnails. In fact, they can also preview the video itself without having to leave the page. It thus offers them complete flexibility while watching the videos and they are saved a lot of time as well.

The thing to note about the extension is that it only works with Firefox. But that’s not a huge issue because the browser has definitely found its takers amongst users all over the world. Moreover one just can’t overlook the benefits of this extension, which can be used for personal or professional reasons alike.

About YouTube Preview

This extension gives enough flexibility to users to preview videos from the popular site without leaving the page.

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