Nowadays, videos are widely popular all over social media. Videos are everywhere in everyday life, and online videos dominate our time spent on the web. Our friends post cute dog photos on our timeline, our coworkers share their great teamwork experiences on social platforms, our favorite brands showcase their newest products in the most creative ways, and videos are streamed to us nearly on every social site we visit.

With the accelerated pace of life, people prefer to consume content easily and quickly via their mobile devices while they’re on the go. As a result, short-form videos have arisen in response to demand and circumstances. The short form suits our busy lives, and they’re easy to upload and view quickly, even on slower mobile connections. Short videos are designed to offer viewers a much different viewing experience than with traditional longer-form video.

With the latest major update of Runtopia, the well-known sports app is very happy to announce their initiative function — “running route short videos”. The videos are a total of eight seconds in length, during which the user can capture anything they wish to share. It enables runners to showcase their running statistics combined with a short video, where the running motion data, distance, speed and pace of the run are displayed on the video. This provides a new way for users to experience the best of events and big moments as they happen. Videos can only be shot using the Runtopia app recording function once the run has been completed and logged. The function is currently only available with iOS devices. Besides sharing on the Runtopia app, videos can also be shared externally to major social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

On the occasion of the new release of version 2.3, Runtopia app also introduced their new features, such as Runtopia Premium, real-time heart rate analysis, cadence metronome and training plans. With this latest update, Runtopia has taken a stride ahead of workout social platforms. Stay tuned for future news of a greater Runtopia!

About the Runtopia APP:

Runtopia GPS tracker is a running app for marathon training and treadmill workouts. It serves as a running distance tracker, mileage tracker, pace tracker, calorie tracker and even heart rate tracker to record your fitness activities like running, jogging, cardio workout and wellness exercise.

If you are running for weight loss, 5K, 10K, half marathon or endurance interval training, a customized and result-oriented training plan will be made to suit your needs and goals. Training with the running performance analysis, runners can easily track their route, interval running, jogging pace, distance, mileage, cadence, stride, calories, and heart rate.

Millions of runners have chosen Runtopia! Join our run club to keep fit, achieve your exercise goal, and enjoy the fun run!

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