Runtopia started supporting device & gadget connections just this past month, and is quickly going further. In April, taking advantage of the Boston Marathon, Runtopia released the new Version 2.3 and officially launched the Runtopia Premium on the App for more professional runners.

In the new version, Runtopia Premium enriches App functions in four main directions: new device & gadget connections, heart rate data tracking & analysis, training plan guidance and social video sharing. This marks another milestone for Runtopia in the field of professional sports Apps.

Garmin GPS Watch Connection

Runtopia started supporting the TomTom GPS Watch and blue tooth heart rate sensor connections since v2.2. Now the Garmin GPS watch is available for connections in the latest v2.3. It is no doubt good news for most runners who use Garmin watches that they can now see their running routes and graph data from their GPS watches uploaded onto Runtopia.

Heart Rate Zone Tracking & Analysis

Meanwhile, through blue tooth connection, heart rate data is now available in real-time on the App. Throughout the workout, Runtopia will continuously be tracking the user’s heart rate. A heart rate zone graph will be present for the user to observe their current heart rate state. Additionally, Runtopia now provides audio guidance and alerts during heart rate monitoring to prevent runners from injury and to improve running performance.

Training Plans for Different Workout Objectives

Training plans are a significant function of Runtopia Premium within the field of specialized sports Apps. In order to satisfy different workout objectives, ranging from novice guidance to professional marathon training, Runtopia has created a diverse selection of plans. Training plans are divided into four categories and each category contains four different training intensities, which include beginner, intermediate, advanced and competitive. Lastly, through a simple questionnaire, Runtopia determines the most suitable plan for the user. Users are able to cancel and alter their training plans at any time if they feel the current training plan to be inadequate for their needs.

Another useful feature of Runtopia Premium is the cadence feature. The cadence metronome enables users to monitor and hear their pace, whilst making adjustments effectively, especially on tempo runs or tempo intervals. Runtopia is committed to providing the most professional and personal workout guidance through these features.

Video Sharing Functions and Others

With v2.3, Runtopia released a new form of feed sharing on the App. It allows users to capture special moments of their workout in video-form combined with a running record. The videos are a total of eight seconds, during which the user can capture anything they wish to share. For now, the video sharing function is only available for IOS devices, but this function will be available for Android devices later on.

Runtopia’s aim is to help runners track their running workout and to provide a community platform for sharing running records on the App. With the continuous updates, Runtopia will keep on enriching its users with more accurate tracking and recording functions, whilst continuing to develop professional sports equipment. In the future, Runtopia has plans to add professional fitness guidance functions and various offline race services, to develop a professional running & fitness coach for users.

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