April 24, 2017 — The Best Hitch Cargo Carrier Bags — Buyer’s Guide has just been launched on the RV Camper Supplies and Parts website. These cargo carrier bags protect your cargo from the outside elements including wind, rain, sun and road grit.  The carrier bags are positioned on and secured to the hitch cargo carrier’s platforms.

Opening with a list of important features to consider, including size, a rainproof design, tie down points and traps, foldability, and zippers with rain flaps, the guide goes on to reveal the Editor’s Picks. The top bags for 48- and 60-inch hitch mounted cargo carriers are then revealed.

Under each listing, each product’s dimensions, key features, storage space, and price are provided. A detailed image of the installed product is included as well. Readers can click for more information, which takes them to the respective product page with the full set of details and the option to purchase the item.

The Buyer’s Guide features the foldable STELLAR 10102 Expandable Waterproof Cargo Bag for Hitch Baskets and, with 15 cubic feet of storage, the Ohuhu Upgraded Cargo Carrier Bag Hitch Tray Roof Top Cargo Bag. The Rage Powersports CSBG-48 Hitch Cargo Carrier Rack Bag, with its weather seal zipper and waterproof PVC coated nylon material, is also featured.

In the top five cargo carrier bags for 60-inch carriers are the Pro-Series 63604 Amigo Hitch Cargo Carrier Bag, the ROLA 59119 Rainproof Cargo Carrier Bag, and STELLAR 10604 Large Waterproof Cargo Bag for Hitch Baskets. Visitors can also read up on the STELLAR 10119 Waterproof XL Cargo Bag for Hitch Baskets, featuring 20 cubic feet of storage and a zipper with a hook and loop flap closure. The Rage Powersports CSBG-60 Hitch Cargo Carrier Rack Bag is in the Buyer’s Guide as well.

Consumers can read the Best Hitch Cargo Carrier Bags — Buyer’s Guide now by accessing it on the RV Camper Supplies and Parts website at http://rvcampersuppliesandparts.com/best-hitch-cargo-carrier-bags-buyers-guide.
Contact: J. McPhee
Traverse City, MI
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