Clinical studies have proven that people who practice longhand cursive writing far outperform others who use modern methods of printing and typing.  The Palmer Method of cursive writing has been used for decades.  Now, there is proof that conclusively proves the importance of penmanship for brain development.

The Science Behind Cursive Handwriting

The act of flowing, consistent cursive penmanship has been clinically proven to activate neural fields in certain parts of the frontal and temporal lobes of the brain that other writing methods fail to engage.  Cursive handwriting opens the right side of the brain for creativity, calmness, and higher level thinking.  This profound discovery shows that penmanship promotes relaxation, mindfulness of the movement, and calmness, proving that cursive handwriting is a great remedy for anxiety and stress.

The Perfect Penmanship system creators intend to conduct workshops in the Southern California region and beyond.  Currently, there are only 14 states that mandate cursive penmanship in elementary schools leaving 36 states that still need to make the transition to this enlightened endeavor.

Penmanship has its rightful place in American culture and is a long-term commitment to foreseeing the momentum of states electing to mandate penmanship as part of their curriculum for elementary school children.  Through cursive penmanship awareness workshops, it is believed that support from college-level practitioners will also grow.

In addition to bringing awareness to the importance of cursive writing, the creators of Perfect Penmanship are looking for graphologist to describe and analyze the Perfect Penmanship font.  They are also looking for people with technical experience to help create a computer font and digital program based on Mr. Lavery’s handwriting.

The Kickstarter campaign, located on the web at , offers rewards from $5 to $5000, including downloadable cursive penmanship sheets from the Perfect Penmanship site, a downloadable Children’s kit, Standard penmanship kit, along with several lithographs and signed canvas artwork pieces by Michael J. Lavery.  For more information, visit the Kickstarter page.

About Perfect Penmanship:

Perfect Penmanship is a growing grassroots campaign to bring cursive handwriting back into the elementary classroom in all 50 states by bringing attention to the importance of mastering longhand cursive writing for creativity, calmness, and higher level thinking and to reduce anxiety, enhance memory, and boost creativity.

Contact Person: Michael J. Lavery
Company: Whole Brain Power, LLC.
Address: Laguna Beach, CA, United States
Phone: (949)235 2614
Email: [email protected]

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