Samc, a noted name in the business, has unveiled Multiple URL Opener , an extension that has exciting benefits for all users.

Today people are hard pressed for time as they juggle several responsibilities. Hence they are looking for simple tools in life that can help them save time. There are many extensions users can find online, but unfortunately they don’t have the same impact on one’s schedule. However that’s not the case with this extension, which certainly can help users save time on a regular basis.

Imagine the hassle one has to go through to open several URLs for personal of professional reasons. This URL Opener gives a shot in the arm to users as it lets them open several of them at the same time. With a single click of a button, users can have their chosen URLs opened in front of them. But that’s not all; the extension has been designed to be versatile and offer them flexibility they need.

One of the smart features of this extension is the fact that it allows delays in opening of URLs. Thus users have the freedom of choosing when they want a particular URL to be opened. It also supports a customizable tabs option, which adds to the flexibility for users. While there are practical benefits of this extension, users will be pleased to note that it is also lightweight and can be installed and uninstalled with ease.

This extension is compatible with Firefox browsers, which are commonly used.

About Multiple URL Opener

It is an easy to use extension, which allows users to open several URLs at the same time. It also boasts of dynamic features that give users the flexibility they need.

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