Scalp micropigmentation gives you a real option if you are looking for an alternative to hair transplants, hair lotions and miracle tablets. Voting has closed for the prestigious Micropigmentation UK awards 2017.

Skalptec Ltd provides world class scalp micropigmentation procedures from 6 locations in Aberdeen, Jersey, Liverpool, London, Newcastle and Rotterdam. Founder Terence Jones is also only one of the world's most talented scalp micropigmentation technicians, he is focused on delivering an exceptional quality experience and he is also one of the Award nominees for 2017.

Each year ‘The Micropigmentation UK Awards’ recognise and reward business and individual excellence within the British permanent makeup industry. Skalptec has clinics inside and outside the UK. The Liverpool clinic where Terence is based is open 7 days a week where he consults patiently with each client to create agreed solutions.

In just a couple of days there will be 7 Supplier Awards plus 6 Individual Awards to be won. The Awards are open to permanent make-up artists who are based in the UK.

Individual Awards on 20th May 2017 will be…

Permanent Make Up Artist of the Year (Under 2 years)

Permanent Make Up Artist of the Year (Over 2 years)

Scalp Micropigmentation Award

Medical Micropigmentation Award

Eyebrow Artist of the Year (Under 2 years)

Eyebrow Artist of the Year (Over 2 years)

The winners will all hold their title for 12 months and will be promoted on the Micropigmentation UK website and on social media. The awards will be presented at the Micropigmentation UK Conference and Awards Evening in Nottingham on 20th May 2017.

Skalptec and Terence — a brief summary

With hundreds of happy clients, video testimonials and positive reviews since launching in 2015, Skalptec is probably the most recommended clinic of excellence for scalp pigmentation in the UK. As one of the most expert clinics in Europe, Skalptec delivers a variety of superior quality scalp micropigmentation procedures to clients from all backgrounds. The clinic is available for both men and women who approach Skalptec either by referral recommendation, through the Skalptec website, social media and other means. It can be safely said that scalp micropigmentation (SMP) is a flourishing industry which provides long lasting effective hair loss alternatives and solutions.

How Safe is Scalp Micropigmentation?

SMP requires no medical anaesthetics or oral medication, and you won’t have to use any expensive special shampoos or lotions afterwards. There are no monthly fees unless you decide that you want to finance your treatment with Skalptec which is easy to do. Virtually pain-free these processes will give you a real solution to your hair loss problems.

You will find services for yourself and others such as: Scalp micropigmentation for both men and women, scalp micropigmentation for longer hair, adding density to longer hair, scalp micropigmentation on dark and light skin, scar camouflage and alopecia camouflage techniques. Skalptec also repairs bad micropigmentation work which might have been carried out by technicians from other companies. There is a cast iron 100% satisfaction guarantee in place.

Scalp Micropigmentation — The Process

It’s specialized but put simply there are small pigment deposits skilfully placed inside the scalp’s upper dermis. So, then what you see is a full head of shaved hair instead of sticking with thinning hair or having no hair at all. The results look natural, astounding! Feedback and testimonials from clients show improved confidence and self-esteem, and an extra spring in your step! Your look will be natural! Just allow yourself up to 4 hair changing sessions — and 5 to 7 days for the scalp to rest between treatments. Skalptec clients recommend people they know to what they consider to be the best SMP service provider out there.

For more information and enquiries, you can visit the Skalptec website below. For telephone enquiries, please contact 0845 625 0025 or email [email protected].


For PR and Media please contact:

Company: Skalptec Ltd

Address: Regina House, 1 Victoria Street, Liverpool, England, L2 5QA, UK

Phone: 0845 625 0025


Email: [email protected]

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