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CCNY Tech will be hosting a contest for a $1,000 scholarship, available to students nationwide. The submission deadline will be July 21st and the winner will be selected August 1st. The requirements for entry are enrollment in a college, with a major in a technology-related field. CCNY Tech hopes to encourage students to pursue careers in technology, as well as ease the financial burden of higher education.

For scholarship rules and application - visit

A student will be selected based upon eligibility, shares on social media, and intended major. The scholarship can be used toward tuition, as well as class textbooks. The CCNY Tech scholarship will be distributed to the school of the recipient in his or her name.

Most scholarships are based upon overall grade point average or income. The CCNY Tech scholarship is based solely upon interest in a technology major, and chances of winning will be increased by spreading the word through social media. These simple rules open the opportunity to a range of majors and schools.

The nature of the contest is to encourage students to seek outside resources to afford college tuition. Sharing the scholarship on social media increases odds of winning; the more shares, the more points awarded to that individual. Social media application is convenient way to participate and spread the word. Visit to start the application process.

The CCNY Tech scholarship contest is an opportunity for any student in the technology field to win money toward his or her education. As a technology based company, CCNY Tech hopes to aid students who are pursuing this field. More information can be found on associated Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

CCNY Tech is an IT sales and services company . For over 25 years, CCNY Tech has been supplying IT equipment as well as providing maintenance and IT recycling services. Partnering with some of the top brands in the industry, they are experts in equipment and custom configurations. CCNY Tech IT professionals provides custom solutions to businesses of all sizes. Learn more contact Jerrica Paulsen at

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