Chinese companies expanding into overseas and international sales often struggle with reaching their target audience with quality SEO. This means their sites are often buried deeply in search engine results, causing their business to suffer.

Many of these companies depend on third party sites such as Amazon, Aliexpress, WooCommerce and the like. The problem using these companies is they will take a portion of the profits earned, and this cuts into the bottom line of these businesses who are often struggling to make profit, pay wages and the like.

All of these companies are looking to break into Google’s search index and its all important top three results, but most companies lack the available skills, time and understandings to do so. Their limited understanding of SEO and Google as a whole makes the entire process very difficult. Many companies simply will not try and continue to depend on third party sites for the majority of their sales.

This is where Uncle Biu and are the best solution to helping Chinese e-commerce sites develop an international presence. Uncle Biu has a full understanding of SEO from an international standpoint and has the tools to help Chinese e-commerce sites reach their maximum potential.

Biu has spent almost two decades in the SEO industry and is regarded as one of the best in China. His techniques come from extensive research on SEO and staying in line with all of the new updates coming from Google and other major search engines. His work consistently lands on the first page of Google, and some sites have hit one of the three ‘golden’ slots – the first three results.

“China has already proven itself to be a worthy competitor in the global electronic economy. The distance and the communication barrier does present an issue for many of these businesses working internationally. This is why I have partnered with a native English speaker and teacher to help with the communication from China into international trade,” said Biu.

Biu himself is fluent in English and can make the transition from English to Chinese and back again with little to no effort on his part. If he struggles with a particular word, phrase or concept, his English speaking partner is not far away.

“My partner and I communicate almost daily. He has an extensive collection of SEO materials I have provided and makes it a point to study them carefully. Your website will be in good hands with Uncle Biu and,” said Biu.
Biu has a full service SEO, including the basics of studying analytics and keywords as well as helping raise search engine results with various off-site techniques such as blogs, press releases and guest posting.

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