Popular online ammunition store , LAX Ammunition, offers free shipping to first time buyers, in addition to their already low prices on quality ammunition. The online ammunition store also exclusively sells their own brand of factory new and reloaded ammo in a variety of calibers.

Gun enthusiasts nationwide love making this online ammunition store their go-to website for stocking their gun safe. The online ammunition store makes shooting practice affordable by offering their products for the lowest price point possible. They manufacturing their own ammunition, and go direct to well-known ammo companies to stock their warehouse to make sure that their prices stay affordable.

LAX’s online ammunition store also has their own firing range, which is a popular venue for Southern California’s gun owners. The range consists of 14, well-ventilated, fully automated lanes that offer varying distances up to 25 feet. After a shooting session, instead of visiting the online ammunition store, gun owners just walk over to their retail store and stock up on the same quality ammunition.

About LAX Ammo

Leading online ammunition store, LAX Ammunition is revolutionizing the ammo industry with its low prices and dedication to their customers. Customers brag in online reviews about the deals they get. To visit the popular online ammunition store visit their new website at , or call (1.855.407.2666).

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