Short Term Leasing is in the business of leasing cars for long. Now, they have added hybrid cars to their huge line-up of cars available for leasing.

It is true that leasing or shopping for a hybrid car is a huge choice. Particularly, when the leasing period is more than two years, it can be a big choice. The great thing about leasing a hybrid car for a short period is that the running cost will be lesser as compared to regular cars.

Now, people can see their dream of riding a hybrid car come true by leasing the cars from Short Term Leasing. It is generally hard to find short-term leasing for hybrid vehicles. But, Short Term Leasing Limited offers this service and they also offer the choice between fixed cost and flexible cost option for their customers.

About Short Term Leasing:

Short Term Leasing Ltd is one of the crucial players in the market for short term leasing of cars. The company has access to more than 1000 vehicles. The company assures that their vehicles can be made available quickly and also the company also maintains flexibility in their terms as much as possible.

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Short Term Leasing Ltd
Phone: 0330 330 9425
Address: Short Term Leasing Ltd, Cocoon House, Haydock Park Road, Derby, DE24 8HT
Email: [email protected]

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