As long as there have been toilet seats, there has been the problem of lifting and lowering the seat. Most people loathe having to touch a toilet seat, and for good reason, toilet seats harbor various germs and bacteria.

Places that clean their restrooms with regularity cannot always guarantee clean toilet seats. People are still hesitant to touch a toilet seat even in a freshly-cleaned facility.

The Sani-Hani device means never having to touch a toilet seat lid again to lift or lower the lid.

A small lever that attaches and sticks to the underside of the lid, the Sani-Hani is the perfect solution to using a hand or a foot to raise and lower a toilet seat.

The Sani-Hani is perfect for:

• Restaurants;
• Day cares;
• Hospitals;
• Offices;
• Churches;
• Movie theaters;
• Anywhere that has a public toilet.

“I have found a good number of commercial locations appreciate the benefits of our product. Anywhere that has a toilet can benefit from the Sani-Hani. It requires no special tools and is ready to use as soon as it is attached. Schools especially appreciate it as it helps teach good restroom habits," said Richard Harris, owner of the Sani-Hani.

Harris is working on reaching more commercial locations, Big Box stores and other locations to help raise awareness of the Sani-Hani in addition to reaching out to the budding entrepreneur show Shark Tank.

The Sani-Hani is sold through and the product’s website. Most of the sales at the e-store are from women making the purchase for the home.

“Unisex bathrooms like in a restaurant or home master-bedroom, often have the common issue of the seat being left up more often than down. Women need to lower the seat but are often hesitant to touch a toilet seat. The Sani-Hani takes care of that,” said Harris.

Media Contact:
Richard Harris, President
[email protected]

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