Skippy Dog Walking introduces their very unique way in helping employ more youth and underemployed while promoting and helping more local small local businesses by, means of routine dog walks. Also, this company aims to help more small business to do their share in helping the community and the neighbors. They have successfully developed their little known, very unique and unusual ideas to engage and employ youth that will end up into community improvement at the same time, effectively help the local businesses.

Skippy Dog Walking have started by discovering a distinct way of helping local small businesses and neighbors by utilizing the simple routine dog walks. The idea began by stopping by in a nearby Laundromat having one of the cork board community bulletin boards on it with a flyer. The, the company called Candies Pet Supply & Grooming was the first one to get the great advantage of the idea to where their flyers was being posted, shared and handed out and within just one week, the company have started receiving up to 10+ extra calls compared to their usual callers and mentioned that they have seen the flyer on one of the boards Skippy Dog Walks posted.

With the amazing and unique idea, Skippy Dog Walking will do the usual dog walk routines while carrying flyers, business cards, posters, tacs and tape in a back pack on their walks, to post them. Also, they will be taking photos of the posted flyers and locations of the boards then posted to their new website, with free access to:" BulletinBoard.Mobi." Also, they are using google maps and utilizing a smart watch to track their routes whenever their clients wanted to track their locations.

Through the help of Skippy Dog Walking, many local business will be able to get the best help in achieving their goals and in return, they will be able to help the community and neighbors. The company is providing their very unique means in helping the local business industry be on the edge of success. Plus, this company simply proves that with a simple yet unique way, many neighbors and communities will be benefitted.

For further information about Skippy Dog Walking, feel free to check their site at or email them at [email protected]


“From what I’ve seen the company is go getter and offers the services at the same time. You don’t find company these days that seeks to help others at no charge.”~Concept Cleaning Service

"We tell all of our customers to use their dog walking and they've really helped us a lot!"~Candies Pet Supply & Grooming

"Your dogs will love him!"~Makeup By Lindsey

"Skippy's adds value to the community, and is dedicated to the job."~Media Rebelz

"Simply the best"~Fit Atmosphere

Company: Skippy Dog Walking Company
Address: 919 Euclid Ave, San Diego, CA 92114
Phone Number: 619-484-6280

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