Renowned artist and filmmaker, Suza Lambert Bowser of the SLB Productions has announced that she is now raising funds via Kickstarter. SLB Productions is taking its two full length film projects and one script to the American Film Market (AFM) in November 2017 and the artist is welcoming everyone to support her. These AFM bound projects are a result of extreme hard work and dedication and according to the industry experts, these films are more likely to sell at the AFM than any other project.

“The biggest challenge will be selling my movie, FLEA at the AFM or through any other acquisition party. I will need legal assistance to be sure that everything is completed properly.” Said Suza Lambert Bowser while talking about the challenges faced by her in this journey of success. According to Suza, if she fails then she has a plan for streaming her film FLEA through Distribber. Distribber is a renowned distribution company that streams on Netflix, iTunes, Amazon, etc. “The income stream for this approach will be smaller than selling the film outright, but it will nonetheless earn income this way.” She added.

The Kickstarter Campaign is located on the web at: and supports from around the world can help the SLB Productions by making pledges that can range from $10 to $5000 and each pledge offers a great reward. The latter pledge will also give the backer a chance to watch the film in private screen aboard the Yacht Empress of the executive producer Gerry Robertson.

About SLB Productions

SLB Productions is a renowned American film production company that is going to present two of its full length films and one script at the American Film Market or AFM for sale this November. The company is therefore seeking community support from across the globe and is welcoming everyone to generously contribute in this project.

Contact Person: Suza Lambert Bowser
Company: SLB Productions
City: Sausalito
State: California
Phone: 4157550337
Email: [email protected]

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