24, July 2017: The world has come a long way since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution spanning from 18th cent to 19th cent and is presently in the cusp of another all-encompassing transformation-digitization. Almost each and every commercial organization, big or small, and regardless of whether it is in the manufacturing or service sector takes advantage of the state-of-the-art techniques related to digital technology. The sundry items and products that are used in different industries including but not limited to construction, shipping, automotive, aeronautics, civil aviation, medical, and electrical are nowadays manufactured using advanced fabrication processes that invariably involves the harnessing of digitization. Shanghai Metal Corporation is a premier Chinese company that is wholeheartedly engaged in manufacturing products used in aforementioned industries, including capillary copper tubes.

Shanghai Metal Corporation or SMC right from the day it was incorporated has dedicated to producing a wide range of products including aluminum sheets, foils, strips, coils, tubes, bars, roofing, wires, pharmaceutical sheets, and tropical aluminum foils. Additionally, SMC is also into the production of copper products, metallic coated products, stainless steel products, special alloy and products. Then again, the manufacturing firm also fabricates items used in the construction sector steel grating, storage racks, steel structures, steel bridge, scaffolding systems, and building materials including PE films, roofing system, curtail wall system, floor system, and wall system. It is also a specialized manufacturer of copper capillary tubes that find applications in an array of industries.

The capillary tube produced by SMC is characterized by a low external diameter, extremely smooth external and internal surfaces, and high precision form factor. These capillary tubes are turned out in the form of coils whose weights range from 5kg to 50kgs. The processing methods used are ‘cold rolled’, and ‘cold drawn’ and the surfaces are either sand blasted or pickled. Nothing is left to chance when it comes packaging the capillary tubes and every step is taken to ensure that the same are packed in a manner that they arrive at their final destination exactly in the same form when they were packaged.

For instance, the copper capillary tubes are fitted with plastic caps so that both the ends are safeguarded against any demurrage or injury. In the next step, plastic sheets are wrapped around the tubes with meticulous thoroughness to shelter them from moisture as well as prevent water seeping inside them. Thereafter, the tube bundles are again sheathed with polythene and firmly fastened with strips. Much before the tubes are packaged, they are made to undergo stringent chemical analysis which in turn incorporates component analysis, spectroscopic analysis, and inspection of physical properties using ultrasonic inspection technique. These capillary tubes are used in oil pipelines, heat exchanger pipes, bathroom and kitchen appliances, water pipelines, rail and crane rail.

About Shanghai Metal Corporation

Shanghai Metal Corporation is a Shanghai based manufacturing enterprise that is engaged in producing a diversity of metallic products and machineries that find applications in various industries across the board.

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