Solara Health announced the opening of a new mental health treatment center in Pacific Beach that looks to meet the need for luxurious, supportive and accessible treatment.

Solara Health recently held the grand opening for the Solara Mental Health treatment facility, dedicated to offering treatment of anxiety, depression and other disorders in San Diego. Co-founder and owner Derik Brian said clients will receive time-proven and progressive holistic therapies and treatments that focus not only on the mind but the body and spirit as well.

“We treat the ‘whole’ person in the way that is the most beneficial to you and your specific needs,” he said.

Mental health disorders are complex and not easily resolved but can be treated. Solara Mental Health provides treatment from experienced and caring professionals in an appealing and specialized healing environment.

Solara Mental Health understands how disruptive anxiety-related illnesses and mood disorders like major depression and bipolar disorder can be to clients’ everyday lives. The facility creates treatment plans to fit each individual and help clients work through their anxieties or depression in their day-to-day lives.

The hallmark of the treatment facility is a 24-hour monitored and managed core residential program of 30-90 days or more. A family program offered at the center helps clients’ families and loved ones, understanding they too need support. Its transitional program ensures that clients receive an after-treatment plan to help once they complete the residential program.

Clients who undergo an in-residence psychiatric treatment program receive care from compassionate, experienced professionals while enjoying deluxe accommodations in one of San Diego’s most picturesque coastal enclaves.

Solara Mental Health also offers San Diego area residents a full-service psychiatric and psychological testing and assessment service. Patients undergo tests and assessments that give insight into how the brain is working and lead to a “road map” to the most effective and efficient treatment, therapy and medications available.

The testing and assessment service is available to both clients and others who are not going through a Solara Mental Health treatment program.

The center accepts many insurance plans and can immediately verify insurance benefits.

For more information on Solara Mental Health and what treatment it offers, visit its website at or call 844-600-9747.

Derik Brian
Company: Solara Mental Health
Address: 1321 Garnet Ave., San Diego, CA 92109
Phone: 844.600.9747

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