Indonesia - Sozo Manggata Formula 1 or Soman is a herbal medicine that enhances the body’s immunity effectively. The medicine is available in liquid form (drops) and is made with a mixture of 18 fruits, 12 vegetables and nine herbs selected containing phyto-nutrients that are good for maintaining the body’s immunity. Soman contains multivitamins (A, C, E, K), essential amino acids and non-essential, EPA, DHA and Omega. Low immunity is the main reason for most health problems today. They often fall sick with prolonged mild symptoms such as flu, cough, often fever and fatigue. To help people increase their immunity and lead healthy life, Soman is a very effective medicine.

The manufacturers feel that customers wanting to buy and use Soman should always read the instructions well before using. It is always advised to shake the bottle before drinking. Then the Soman drink should be dissolved into 50-100 ml of water and drunk directly. The water used for dissolving the drink should be normal neither hot nor cold. For better results Soman should be drunk three times a day. The drink should not be used for more than thirty days after the cap has been opened. It is always advised to drink Soman in empty stomach for best results. For patients who are already on medication, Soman should be taken two hours before having their medicine.

In the first few days, drinking can have some reactions like dizziness, nausea, bowel movements or even frequent urination.

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About Soman Indonesia:

PT Soman Indonesia is a national company in charge of procurement and marketing of health products made from herbs native to Indonesia which was established on February 5, 2009. The Company together with PT Harvest Gorontalo Indonesia then develop and market a quality product called Sozo Manggata Formula 1 (Soman), both at the market level local Indonesian and Msancanegra.

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Company: Soman Indonesia
Address: Irving, TX
Phone: 972-915-2718
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