Watertown, SD — Liam Culhane , Watertown native and personal injury attorney at Turbak Law, launched his campaign by announcing his plan to run for a Watertown City Council seat.

Culhane reports that his desire to run for City Council revolves around his passion for Watertown and the people that make it a thriving, tight knit community. “Watertown is a supportive place—a and fun place to live”, says Culhane, “While most of the kids I grew up with moved to places like Chicago, the Twin Cities or Denver, some are coming back to Watertown, which is an exciting prospect.”

Culhane returned home to Watertown, which he calls “a sportsman’s paradise”, two years ago after law school to be with family, friends and enjoy the great outdoors.

Liam has promising plans for Watertown. In the next five years, he would love to see downtown revitalization efforts and investments from both public and private sectors. He plans to focus on improving street conditions and parking lots, as well as re-energizing the downtown small business community with brick and mortar companies.

He is also an enthusiast of the historic buildings downtown. “They are truly beautiful buildings when fixed up right. If you look around in the Courthouse, the Goss, the Heritage Museum… Many of those buildings have been standing for over 100 years; when you look at the craftsmanship, you realize their construction was part function and part a work of art,” Culhane noted. However, Culhane emphasizes that all projects must reflect smart and conservative development to protect taxpayer dollars and spend funds wisely.

Downtown Watertown boasts a state-of-the-art gym, a local supermarket, a chocolate shop, a bakery, a hardware store, two breweries, great local restaurants, and a range of professional services among other things. “Where else in the state can you find these amenities within walking distance of each other? Nowhere,” Liam commented. “Not only are there a wealth of amenities, but the people Downtown really make the place great!” Liam added.

He envisions a Watertown where young people have a desire to return after college, raise families and contribute to their home community. He suggests that if younger professionals return to the community, many new opportunities will form in Watertown and make it a place that people are excited to move.

Liam enjoys working with his family and practicing personal injury law in Watertown with his mother and older brother at Turbak Law Office. He feels fortunate to have great family role models, saying, “My mother is an incredible mentor and my brother is my best friend, and mentor as well. I hope they would describe me as a hard worker, compassionate, and energized.”

Find out more details about the election, which will take place June 20 at the Watertown High School, by visiting Watertown’s website

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