31, July 2017: People today lead a hectic and stressful life and they often feel the need of mental and physical relaxation to keep themselves energized. Dyanna Spa is well aware of the needs of the modern population and now starts offering massage services for couples. According to the spokesperson of the Spa, they are offering romantic Couples Massage in Manhattan, where both the partners will get a perfect message from an extensive menu.

The couple’s message offerings include Swedish, Deep Tissue, Fusion, Hot Stone and Aromatherapy messages in a cozy and comfortable ambiance. Couples will enjoy the personal touch in a romantic and intimate setting that will recharge them both mentally and physically. The spokesperson of the spa Manhattan maintains that the couple’s message is a perfect way to rekindle the love and bondage between them besides de-stressing their body and mind. Couples can expect a lovely pampering session with a complete privacy at the Spa.

Besides the message services for couples, Dynaa Spa also specializes in the group manicures in Manhattan, where people can get a host of nail salon or manicure services at affordable prices when visit the Spa in groups. Each member of the group gets personalized attention and gets custom nail salon treatments to enhance the beauty of their hands. The professional technicians of the Spa offer an ultimate nail care both for men and women.

Dyanna Spa’s Midtown wax centers are open six days a week, where both men and women can enjoy a full range of waxing services in a relaxing environment. They also offer Brazilian waxing treatments to remove hair from different body parts in a painless manner. The waxing specialists at the Dynaa wax centers use top of the line waxing formulas that ensure a gentle hair removal, and which are safe and effective for all skin types.

Besides offering quality and professional beauty treatments, Dynaa spa maintains affordable prices too. They also offer discount spa packages from time to time. One can learn more about their different services or check the spa packages or deals by visiting the website https://dyannaspa.com.

About Dyanna Spa:

Dyanna Spa has been working for past 25 years, offering top tier quality services to the clients. The goal of the company is to offer salon and spa services by highly trained staff at cheaper prices so that clients can attain the pampering more frequently. It offers varied services for both men and women such as facials, manicures and pedicures, body treatments, hair removal services, massages and skin care services.

For Media Contact:
Company: Dyanna Spa
Telephone: (212)213-0011
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://dyannaspa.com

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