Panama City, Florida, September 26, 2017 – Teaching readers how to take the stress out of their career and live a fulfilling life, leadership coach, motivational speaker and author Sam Slay has released a riveting new book that covers an array of subjects. Ranging from bona fide tips on financial security to proven methods for debt elimination, the book documents how Slay stopped his career from taking over his life. For what is stated to be a “quick and easy read”, readers can also learn how to get rid of bad habits.

In WorkJockey: Work Less, Live More and Be Happy, Slay discusses what a work jockey is and how he became one in order to improve his quality of life. Due to working hard constantly, he noticed his mental and physical health was slowly deteriorating. That is when he started to develop the WorkJockey approach. Some other subjects covered in the book include how to build career progress, how to be confident in every field of life, how to master success and more.

With previous literary works such as The Masters of Success, having worked as Chief of Police and 24 years of Government experience, these are just some of Slay’s professional achievements. He is currently a motivational speaker, consultant and an executive coach who dares to break the barriers with his unique perspective. He has also owned several businesses in the past through which he garnered info and knowledge on how to maintain a work life blend.

He also owns a company called 357 Solutions, LLC where he provides leadership training, HR coaching and facilitation services, among other things. He focuses on training the employees to increase productivity and create a positive work environment.

“His professional achievements are vast and extensive, which makes his advice all the more valuable. Sam Slay provides a tantalizing and unique perspective on things that otherwise get overlooked. Anyone struggling with career pressure needs to add this book to their repertoire,” stated a spokesperson for the author.

Sam Slay is available for interviews.

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