New York - 22/05/17- New York-based entrepreneur, Spring Saunders is a shining example for female entrepreneurs all over the world. Having started her first business 'a dance studio' in China, Spring Saunders has been able to develop her entrepreneurial skills, launch many other thriving businesses and is currently the founder and CEO of the New York Jet Club, a private jet leasing company. Fluent in Mandarin, English, and Portuguese, Ms. Saunders continues to make headway in a business world dominated by men with her innovative and effective style of leadership.

Following her successful business spells in China, Ms. Saunders relocated to Los Angeles in 2014 and launched Empire Concierge, a company that catered to upscale Chinese Travelers. Sensing that her upscale clients had a high demand for private jet services, she was able to combine her experience and alliances with several private jet companies to start the New York Jet Club. The company immediately garnered its first million USD in sales in its first three months of operation. This immediate success is largely due to her innovative and effective style of leadership.

The New York Jet Club (NYJC) is also the first and perhaps the only female run aviation company in the world. It operates nine private jets through its partner Global Exec Aviation and offers extensive concierge services to its high-level clients.

When asked where she gets her inspiration from, Ms. Saunders replied, "I'm a doer. Inspiration comes from many places, usually friends and family or the environment around you. Those moments when you are sitting around talking about different ideas and projects that you want to do is where I feel I differ from most. When I have an idea or someone else gives me an idea, I act on it, and that's how dreams become reality."

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About Spring Saunders
Currently residing in Los Angeles, New York, and Shanghai, Spring Saunders is a thriving entrepreneur and go-getter. She is currently the Founder/CEO of the New York Jet Club. Her focus is on forging new partnerships and expanding the company further, both internationally and domestically.

Spring Saunders

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