Stella International Beauty Award has announced the start of the first step of registration for all those representatives of the beauty industry willing to take part in the contest. The registration has started at the official website of the company on March 20, 2017.

Stella International Beauty Award is the only professional health and beauty award in Ukraine, which is annually granted to the best representatives of the beauty industry. This is done to evaluate the quality of services provided by the best plastic surgeons, dental clinics, fitness centers and other organizations from Ukraine and abroad that offer beauty and health services. This is what the organizing committee of the contest tell about the award: “Stella International Beauty Award was created with one purpose in mind - to become an expert in indicating the quality of health and beauty products and services and ensure the independent international assessment of products and services that are offered at the contemporary market.” This is needed to attract the attention of potential clients and make the nominees aware of the advanced niche technologies and professional experts’ opinion.

As of today, the award is granted in 18 nominations, namely Grand Prix, Best SPA Center, Best Cosmetic Company, Best Dental Clinic, Best Beauty Blogger, Brand of the Year, Best Cosmetologist, Best Educational Center, Best Plastic Surgeon, Best Beauty Salon, Best Fitness Club, Best Cosmetology Center, Discovery of the Year, Person of the Year, Best Beauty Program etc.

Stella International Beauty Award Ceremony is a closed VIP-event, which welcomes the most successful representatives of the beauty industry, experts, celebrities, music and TV stars etc.

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About the Company:

Stella International Beauty Award is the number one and the only professional beauty and health award in Ukraine, the major mission of which is to identify and assess the best representatives of the industry and the level of products and services they offer. The nominees from Ukraine and abroad can take part in the contest. These may be the best SPA salons, dental clinics, fitness clubs, cosmetology centers, plastic surgeons etc. The award is currently granted in 18 nominations.

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Address: 3A Surikova Street, 036035 Kyiv, Ukraine
E-mail: [email protected]

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