Accra, Ghana — April 30, 2020 — Rashad McCrorey arrived in the West African country of Ghana on February 27 for a business trip where he served four American guest who celebrated Ghana’s Independence Day festivities. McCrorey who originally purchased a one- way ticket to Ghana in order to have flexibility stayed in the country to attend additional events after his guest returned to the United States on March 9. As coronavirus infections started to increase, the global responses included the implementation of travel bans, border closings, and societal lockdowns. McCrorey, personally faced with skyrocketing airline prices for a return trip home, his tourism business in jeopardy, and the virus spreading like wild fire in his home state of New York, was forced with making the decision between immediately returning home, or staying abroad for an indefinite period. McCrorey after much thought and meditation decided it was best for him to stay in Ghana indefinitely.

“I’m facing over 200,000 COVID-19 cases in my home state of New York; I have an underlining health condition in asthma, and I can promote my tourism business from abroad, as of today I definitely made the right decision to stay in Ghana” McCrorey says.

McCrorey the owner of Africa Cross-Culture, a tourism company that specializes in trips to Africa, which includes Egypt, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya and Rwanda, is no stranger to the country of Ghana. “My first trip to Ghana was in January 2015; ironically my first trip to the continent of Africa was supposed to be Cameroon in 2014, however, that trip was cancelled due to the 2014 Ebola Outbreak”.

McCrorey is currently staying in the Aburi Botanical Gardens located in Ghana’s Eastern Region. “The air is fresh, there’s plenty of sunlight, and social distancing is easy here,” McCrorey claims. Though he is home sick, and misses his two daughters, mom and friends, McCrorey remains in good spirits. “Out of the many people who could have been in this predicament, I know I have been chosen for a reason. Years of moral and ethical business practices, strong networking, and solid relationship building has made this possible. I am truly thankful.”

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