Company launches new product, Street Fitness Reflective Vest

Brunswick, ME--Street Fitness LLC has released a new product, the Street Fitness Reflective Vest. Initially created to improve visibility when exercising on the road, this vest allows users to feel more confident about being seen during low-light conditions. Co-Founder Lee Spencer is a runner and frequently runs early in the morning. He says “I spend a lot of time running on the roads before the sun comes up and knew I needed something to help cars see me better.” As a runner who runs in all weather conditions, Spencer says “We needed to create something that could fit over multiple layers of clothing as well as breathe well in the hotter weather.”

The Street Fitness Reflective Vest is made from 100% polyester with adjustable straps. It also stretches to accommodate most body types and fits over multiple layers of clothing. Co-Founder Gary Frye, also a runner, says “The strap design allows increased mobility for my arms and allows for increased air flow when the weather is warm.” Frye also says “The durability and material of the straps also allow me to run in bad weather like rain and snow and not be ruined.”

Although initially designed with runners in mind, the straps also work well for anyone exercising or even working on the roads. Frye says “We’re passionate about helping people improve their health and fitness and don’t want them to feel constrained by the time of day or light outside. Some can only exercise early in the morning or late and night. We want these people to feel confident that they can exercise outside and be seen.”

About Street Fitness LLC

Street Fitness LLC is a small business whose mission is to help those on their journey to improved health and fitness. They provide education through their website as well as products like the reflective vest.

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Street Fitness LLC
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