The Lazy Monk suggests using their Double Camping Hammock!

09th of May, New York - Federal University of Piaui has conducted a research meant to study the influence of sleeping in a hammock on the body posture and it has concluded that the participants admitted to having less lower-back problems! The Lazy Monk supports a healthy lifestyle and as such has developed the Double Camping Hammock to bring to their customers!

A group of scientists at the Federal University of Piaui from Brazil researched how sleeping in a hammock can overall influence your posture and relieve lower-back problems almost instantly.

The methods they have used included a photogrammetry analysis in which they focused on the body alignment variables such as the horizontal and vertical alignment of the head, the vertical alignment of the trunk and hip, pelvis, ankle and knee angles.

The Lazy Monk, a small family business that made its way recently into the ecommerce area, has decided to produce and distribute their travel hammock in order to support a healthier lifestyle among its customers!

Sleeping in a camping hammock is not only beneficial for lower-back pains but also for readjusting sleeping patterns as it can help dismiss sleeping problems and influence the production of melanin during the nigh sleep-cycle!

About the product

The first product to be created and distributed by this fairly new company is the Double Camping Hammock Bundle, meant to not only bring the pleasure of comfortable camping experiences but that also helps from a health point of view with a better posture overall!

The members of Lazy Monk, passionate about camping and the importance on a healthy lifestyle as well, have included a booklet with fun games and horror stories to share around the campfire and a quick guide to some of the best camping spots in the USA.

And because they understand that the process of setting it up should be easy and focused on the experience rather than on the initial struggle, they have created a compact eBook meant to explain in great detail the techniques used to set up the hammock.

About the company

The Lazy Monk distributes and produces its products in the ecommerce area since the beginning of this year and hopes to make a name for themselves among the USA outdoor and sports industry!

Charles White decided to bring the sole concept of the Lazy Monk to surface and make it a reality. Passionate about camping himself, he decided to share his knowledge with his customers as well and produce outdoor and sports items meant to turn any outdoor experience into a real adventure.

He admits that his drive, besides his passion regarding the outdoors is providing exemplary customer service to his clients, and making sure that every single one of them will feel happy with their purchase no matter what!

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Name: Charles White

Email: [email protected]