Dallas, Texas – Being a proactive investigative health coach, best-selling author Susan Jeffrey Busen has now released a new book discussing the spiritual side of health and wellbeing. In this riveting new release, she aids readers in finding health and wellbeing, heal faster and transform into an overall better version of themselves. With topics ranging from nutrition and modern medicine to the spiritual side of wellness and healing, the book encompasses all subjects and components of a healthy and fulfilling life.

Titled Bridging Medicine and Miracles: Essential Truths, Key Practices, and a New Perspective on Health and Healing, the book includes knowledge and information that Busen researched and acquired over several decades. With an emphasis on the human body being its own healer, Busen shares an array of techniques that people can use to find the true meaning of health. She discusses how to eat cleaner and how to create a lifestyle that is not disrupted by technology. She also goes in depth on the flaws in the medical system and concludes the book by sharing spiritual knowledge and exercises. According to the author, a spiritual mindset is most often a missing component when it comes to health.

Apart from being a best-selling and award-winning author, Busen is also an international speaker and investigative health coach. She has devoted many decades towards exploring, researching and developing methods of natural health and healing. Being a former environmental biologist and research scientist equipped her with the right tools to begin her journey on this path of helping herself and others by unlocking nature’s true potential for health and wellness.

Susan Jeffrey Busen also actively promotes ethical consumerism and environmental awareness. She is a dedicated non-GMO activist and gives her readers information about developing clean and ethical lifestyles. Throughout the entire book, she shares a very holistic approach that has worked for her and the thousands of people she has helped throughout her extensive career.

While Bridging Medicine and Miracles is her most recent literary endeavor, Susan Jeffrey Busen has also authored many other renowned titles additional books in the field of holistic healthcare, natural healing and tapping. Susan Jeffrey Busen is available for interviews.

Bridging Medicine and Miracles: Essential Truths, Key Practices, and a New Perspective on Health and Healing is now available on Amazon.com.

Book preview: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B079T9CL7H

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