The new Keen Edge Home Tall Size Hypoallergenic Shredded Foam Reading Pillow was recently launched by Bliss Innovations under its new homeware range called Keen Edge Home.  Bliss Innovations, is the company known for their premium home, patio and garden products that deliver on performance, durability and affordability combined with impeccable customer service.  This new offer has been extremely popular among shoppers, and customers have been talking about their views and experience with this new product as it is exclusively sold in Amazon.

One of the great features of this new product is its removable outer cover.  It is easy to remove and machine wash and as the cover is made from a highly durable fabric it is not only easy to care for but it is perfect for the type of wear that it will receive as it becomes the most popular family pillow.  Another feature, is the user-friendly carry handle that has been sewn on top of the reading pillow for easy transport from room to room.

Bliss Innovations offers the Tall Size Hypoallergenic Shredded Foam Reading Pillow with a 5 year replacement ‘no questions asked’ warranty providing customers with an caste iron assurance of the product’s quality.

As a testament to Amazon’s growing reputation and its commitment to customer service and their satisfaction, Keen Edge Home is offering their newly released reading pillow for sale on Amazon during its launch in October.  Each year, more and more customers have access to the 2-day shipping ability via Amazon Prime, and so products purchased on Amazon are becoming even more accessible and a safe bet due to Amazon’s customer focused return policy.  As we all become increasingly conscious of our health, Keen Edge Home’s new release, the Tall Size Hypoallergenic Shredded Foam Reading Pillow, is a fun and effective way to ensure back support for each family member as they go about their normal activities and relaxing at home.

Designed to work with most of today’s décor, the vanilla color of the outer cover is both visually appealing and is also extremely smooth and velvety to touch.   According, to the company spokesman, the pillow has been specifically designed with an extra 2 inches to its height a feature not available with most other brands, which makes it more suitable for males.

Customers have been very excited about this new product as can be seen in a statement from one of its pre-release customers: “I really love the fresh vanilla color.  But even more than this, the feel of the velvety material against my skin when I lean against the pillow is just heavenly.  It has become my ‘go to’ pillow that I carry with me as I do different jobs and relax at home.”

The new Hypoallergenic Shredded Foam Reading Pillow by Keen Edge Home is available by Keen Edge Home and is available for purchase in October 2017 and will be exclusively sold on Amazon.

For additional information contact:
Beth Hill (Company spokesperson)
[email protected]

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