The EPA does a superlative job of protecting water quality for people in the United States, but many still do not feel their water is of the quality desired. One of the most effective ways to help treat water is the use of a reverse osmosis system.

The Waterdrop stands out from other systems not only because of the reverse osmosis filter system, RO, but also the multi-stage filtration system the company designed for the process.

The RO filtration system used in the Waterdrop is larger and thicker than the industry standard RO filter, effectively triple the length of other RO filters. This means the Waterdrop is able to remove even more harmful particles, including hormones, from the water while leaving the important trace minerals in the water. Minerals that are necessary for a healthy lifestyle.

“While many municipalities, cities and the like do what they can for the best possible drinking water, there are always going to be some trace elements and contaminants that people do not want in their water. Chlorine, for example, is often used to kills microbes and bacteria, but the chlorine is not removed from the water before being pumped into homes,” said Nicolas Corwin, Director of R&D for Waterdrop.

The final filtration goes through a natural filter of coconut shell. This returns a portion of those minerals likely leached out during the entire process. The natural filter also gives the water a more pleasant, refreshing taste. All of this is done via a tankless RO system with a single, integrated filter.

“We spent quite some time in the lab formulating and designing our RO system and Waterdrop filter. There were many man hours, lots of testing in a laboratory and within the general public before we decided on the product we have now,” said Corwin, “and the end result is our single filter when other, similar models have six or seven filters for similar outcomes.”

Waterdrop is a water purification company located in the City of Industry, California. The company was founded by Spencer McCutchen in 2016. Waterdrop is dedicated to providing global users with high-quality water purification solutions including refrigerator filter, water filter pitcher and under sink reverse osmosis system. Waterdrop has expanded its global presence to Europe, Australia and the Middle East.

Nicolas Corwin, Director of R&D
Hannah Montgomery, Media Contact
[email protected]

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