Tatteasy has patented an amazing body paint solution with its ‘Print to Skin’ Temporary Tattoo Kiosk. A lot of people love getting temporary tattoos because they are fun and look cool. The company has patented a first of its kind printing device that prints any tattoo on a human skin within seconds. The company is now seeking generous community support for this inspiring startup of great potential on Kickstarter and is welcoming everyone for support.

This Kiosk systems will be a first of its kind that allow consumers to select images, and instantly have them printed directly to “Skin”.  Moreover, this solution will also be offered to businesses for their brand promotions and marketing purposes. From theme parks to restaurants, tourist locations to sports venues, and more, this Kiosk will spread colors, love and joy on the faces of children as well as men and women. Furthermore, this inspiring tattoo kiosk will play a major role in connecting consumers and brands like never before. This is truly an innovative marketing tool and is now welcoming everyone for generous backing and donations.

The Kickstarter Campaign is located on the web at: www.kickstarter.com/projects/1603740505/print-to-skin-temporary-tattoo-and-body-paint-kios and it offers several pledges with great rewards. From $5 to $100 or more, supporters can back this project on Kickstarter and get several exciting rewards including great temporary tattoos mailed directly to their home.

About Tatteasy

Tatteasy has proudly launched it patent-pending solution for its temporary print to skin tattoo kiosk. This revolutionary kiosk will safely and painlessly print amazing tattoos to skin, and this project has a great marketing potential for connecting business brands and consumers. Tatteasy is now seeking generous community support on Kickstarter and is welcoming everyone for backing and support.

Contact Person: Patrick Mcnenny
Company: Tatteasy
Address: Redwood City, CA, USA
Email: [email protected]
Business Website: www.tatteasy.com

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