The Tech Academy, winner of the Best Coding Boot Camp award from Course Report and SwitchUp, has ventured into the corporate training arena.

Per a recent study, the market for coding boot camps delivering corporate training is growing at a rate of 34% annually and The Tech Academy is leading the drive.

The Tech Academy just completed delivering a 4-month class in coding, data science, mobile development and design to airmen of the U.S. Air Force. The student feedback was stellar and they’re in talks about classes long into the future.

Here’s what one of the airmen had to say about The Tech Academy classes:

“The content is hands down the best I have ever seen. A lot of work and heart can be seen in the material and I love it.” -G.M.

The Tech Academy delivered this training as part of the Air Force’s new training initiative: Project NEXUS.

Another example of The Tech Academy’s success in the corporate training arena is the class in coding and Salesforce they’re currently delivering at CarMax’s headquarters.

With such major clients and more on the horizon, The Tech Academy is making a difference in corporate America and proving that the coding boot camp industry is here to stay.

About The Tech Academy:

The Tech Academy is a computer programming and web development school established in 2014 and headquartered in Portland, Oregon. They deliver coding boot camps that bring about graduates who are well-rounded, entry-level software developers. Classes are offered in virtually every aspect of technology, including: coding, data science, cyber security, design and more.

Contact info:
Phone: (503)206-6915
Contact name: Patrick McCrea
Email: [email protected]

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