Tega Industries Limited gives freedom to their employees to learn ,grow and innovate. It provides an environment where employees can deliver their best efforts.

The HR policies of Tega Industries Limited are aimed towards nurturing talent and provide an environment where employees can learn and grow. The company believes in the philosophy of team work for sharing of ideas.

Tega Industries Limited - a well-known name in the market for providing effective and lasting solutions in mill liners, conveyors, mineral beneficiation, mining and bulk solids handling industry, has been focusing on employee value proposition for creating engagement and robust business results. At Tega, employees are given the freedom to learn and grow, collaborate, maximize potential and innovate. Not only this, the company also provides career and learning opportunities to its workforce and promotes a culture of creativity and innovation.

As the firm has presence in more than 70 countries and distribution network across 16 countries, employees get the necessary platform to grow and learn. The HR policies of the organization are directed to nurture the talent and provide an environment where employees can deliver their best for the growth of the firm. “The company also focuses on the practice of innovation where employees are encouraged to come up with new ideas. In a competitive and volatile business environment, innovation is one of the most potent tools for survival. We constantly encourage this practice among our employees and appreciate their efforts in doing so,” said a company’s spokesperson.

Tega also strongly believes in the philosophy of collaboration and team work that lead to sharing and exchange of ideas. It further builds trust within the organization and with customers apart from boosting productivity.

About Tega Industries Limited
Tega Industries Limited is the flagship company of the Tega Group of Companies. The firm has achieved significant achievements in the material handling, mining and mineral processing industries. It is one of the leaders in providing solutions towards abrasion and wear resistant products and services required for mining, mineral processing, screening, grinding, material handling and beneficiation of minerals. The company has plants across four continents and exports its products & solutions to 72 countries. It is a true Indian multinational with a sales & distribution network across 16 countries.

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For more information, contact:
Tega Industries Limited
147, Block - G, HumayunKabirSarani,
New Alipore, Kolkata - 700 053
Phone Numbers: +91 33 30019000 / 23963512 / 23963515

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