Conveyor solutions provided by Tega Industries Limited have increased the efficiency of the steel plant of Karnataka along with reducing issues of spillage and unscheduled shutdowns significantly.

India: Tega Industries Limited is a world leader in providing effective, reliable and safe conveying solutions with the company’s products immensely benefitting the steel plant of Karnataka.

The conveyor solutions provided by Tega Industries Limited have increased the efficiency of steel plant of Karnataka. The objectives were to solve the issues of spillage and minimize unscheduled shutdowns.

"Our challenge was that the two tripling route conveyors were far from the plant and high spillage at loading station resulted in high time and workmanship for cleaning. Moreover the skirt system was not upto the desired performance and life," said the company's spokesperson.

He further added, "Taking the parameters into considertaion and considering the physical site conditions, the customized heavy duty skirt sealing system was prepared. The operating parameters of conveyor changes dynamically and hence meeting the challenges requires a mission critical and integrated approach. The solutions must be efficient, reliable and able to withstand harsh environments at must be flexible enough to expand with business. "

The solution suggested was, a 12 mtr Skirt System of model XL-HDS was installed for one conveyor by replacing conventional skirt .For another conveyor, Double Lip Apron Seal of other make installed replacing strip type skirt.

In both cases spillage round loading station was cleaned and the conveyors kept under observation

Study was conducted after 32 days and the results reveal-
-    Total spillage at conveyor with double lip skirt of other make  was 14055 kg in 32 days , therefore avg. spillage per day was 439.21 kg.

-    Total spillage at conveyor  with Tega skirt system of model XL-HDS was108 kg in 32 days , therefore avg. spillage per day was 3.37  kg.
The steel plant gained immensely from the solutions of Tega. Less spillage, reduction in down time and cutting of additional cleaning cost were some of the benefits enjoyed by the steel plant. It is to be noted that Tega has a database of nearly 5000 conveyors and chutes and has a detailed record of their problems and solutions. The company's in-house R&D team has effectively leveraged the available technologies to come up with solutions responsive to the needs of the market. The conveyor products of the company ensure uninterrupted conveying at the lowest maintenance cost along with safety.
About Tega Industries Limited
Tega Industries Limited is the flagship company of the Tega Group of Companies. The firm has achieved significant achievements in the environment, material handling, mining and mineral processing industries. It is a leader in providing solutions towards spillage control and maintenance in bulk material handling industries. The company is an engineer in conveying solutions rather than replacing products conventionally. With clean, safe and uninterrupted conveying, Tega offers its clients low cost of operation, maintenance and replacement of conveyor parts. The company has plants across four continents and is the largest non-OEM manufacturer of moulded wear resistant rubber components used in the bulk material and mining industries. Visit for more.

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