17, June 2017: Our products protect floors and surfaces when any type of building or construction work is taking place, we will save you huge amounts of time in preparation and cleaning up, while protecting all surfaces from damage caused by dropping tools and equipment, spilt paint and chemicals etc. all incidents which happen daily on job sites around the world 

We are proud distributors of the Correx brand of Corrugated Plastic (corex) which offers superb impact protection and is completely spill proof even resistant to chemical spills 

Supplied in both standard and Flame Retardant to LPS 1207 LPCB Regulations 

We can print 

We will beat any UK price! Tell us what you pay and start saving today! 

Do not buy cheaper, inferior Corrugated Plastic normally imported from China, this is not up to the job and in many cases we have heard has ending up costing the customer much more due to insufficient protection 

Demand the best! Genuine Correx from Tempro (manufactured right here in the uk) 

Why not try our Builders Board? A super heavy duty 1.2mm thick solid board, yet with its unique additive still spill resistant! Supplied on the rolls, lays flat and fast, ideal for large areas 

Sticky Shield “dust sheets are a thing of the past” 

Sticky Shield is an award winning range of Self Adhesive Protection Films designed to protect Floors, Carpets, Windows and all surfaces from the mess and damage caused when any type of building work is taking place 

We now stock a “Black Out” version which allows you to keep your project hidden while at the same time when applied to windows keeps stops muck and paint away from the glass saving you valuable time and money with clean-ups, simply remove the film to reveal a perfectly clean window 

Sticky Shield is a polythene roll with a custom adhesive on one-side. This allows you to stick polythene to virtually any surface, where it will stay until removed 

Dust sheets are a thing of the past, dust sheets move and are therefore un-safe to stand on or for ladders. Sticky Shield is the safer and more professional option 

The whole range which includes Carpet Protection, Window Protection, Hard Floor Protection, Hard Surface Protection and Black Out are all colour coded for ease of use, making sure your contractor doesn’t apply the wrong film to the surface 

Contact Tempro on 01268 768 768 now or visit our websites www.tempro.co.uk or www.corrugatedplastic.co.uk now

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